For the ambitiously aligned social seller

Build your network marketing business in a way that feels good

Plan 1 month of value-added content, without burn out

You actually can grow in a way that feels Fucking Amazing

Sustainable & longterm growth

Build an aligned, strengths-led business

Amplified impact & influence

Anchor into your authenticity and step into your power

Content creation that's fun

Identify your niche and uncover your unique value proposition

Have you been ghosted in the dm’s one too many times?

Say no more to the dreaded "hey girl" pitch and the awkward silence that follows...

There is a better way to grow your network marketing business

I used to think “attracting ideal clients” was fake news. I played all the games. Write a list of 100 names. “Get 10 No’s.” I kept telling myself “they just got busy and forgot to respond.”

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. Using the proven strategies I’ve mastered and taught to social sellers like us, you truly can have perfect prospects knocking on your door (with your integrity still in tact).

So much more than your average affirmation deck!
6 months of weekly, inspirational prompts for the social seller ready to make big moves.
Starting from $35.55*

Nicole is a niche wizard! She has a gift.
— Mel Davy, Social Seller
Thank you Nicole SO much for helping me find my niche and create the perfect bio… it’s totally drawing my people in! Ahhhh!!
— Allie Campbell, Social Seller
OMG Nicole, I posted my first reel the other day using what you have been teaching me and I actually had a couple people reach out to me!
— Cristal Halverson, Social Seller
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Not sure where to start?

60 Minute Masterclass & Private FB Community

The NICHE Down

In this one hour class, I’ll give you all the tools you need to identify your target market, create a killer IG bio, and whip up one month of on-brand, value-added content!


Nail your niche

For the network marketer who wants to get unstuck and finally grow her online following— but still has no idea who the hell she’s speaking to.


Launch your Niche

For the badass network marketing mama who is ready to step up her game, nail her niche AND have the support she desires for the expansion of her personal brand.



For the aspiring network marketing leader, who is ready to go all in. She’s eager to stand out and start attracting perfect prospects in a way that feels so fucking good.

Authenticate. Activate. Align.

If you've been feeling stuck, I'm so glad you're here. Today is the day you step into your next level of success.

Are you ready?

After two years of hustling (and I mean HUSTLING) to grow my business, I was burnt out. I did everything my upline told me to do – asked 5 people/week to join my team, begged friends and family to host parties for me, and prospected literally everyone I had ever met – but, it didn’t feel good anymore. 

Then I learned about Attraction Marketing – a way of doing business that actually draws people to you, without all the icky sales tactics.

Today I now work with other ambitious, self-led social sellers to help them implement these same life-changing concepts.

I’ll help you tap into the online reservoir of infinite possibilities, so that you can do more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t.

This is for you if…

Let's work together

Start standing out online

Nail your Niche

In this 90 minute intensive, we will dig deep into what makes you you, what knowledge you already have, and your unique value proposition.  Ie. ie. Shine bright like the diamond you already are.

What you get:

  • 90 min 1:1 live intensive where we identify WHO you can help and HOW you can help them
  • A clear target audience with insights including their fears, problems, wants and dreams
  • A curated IG Bio to stand out, and attract
  • Content creation session for 1 month of on-brand, value-added post ideas
  • Option to add 1 week Voxer support ($147)

20 minutes talking about various possibilities for my target market—and BAM! I figured out a niche that is exactly me and what I can offer to others. Now I know who I want to attract and what I can offer them!

– Tania Thompson social seller

Nail your niche, level up your social media presence and watch your business start to flourish. This is the puzzle piece you’ve been missing.

Step out in confidence

Launch your Niche

In this 4 week program, you will get all of the support included in the Nail Your Niche program, as well as 2 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls.

“Nicole was able to meet me where I was and provide me with all the tools I needed to kick start my social selling business. Nicole is such an amazing and knowledgeable coach.”

– Emily Ayres, Social Seller

Get individualized support with:

  • Content creation
  • Messaging
  • Tweaking your niche
  • Creating an avatar so you know EXACTLY who you’re speaking to
  • Gaining clarity on your unique value proposition
  • How to locate your ideal customers online and leverage social media to engage with them
  • 4 weeks of Voxer support

This is for you if…

Rank up faster than ever


If you’re ready to start taking massive, aligned action in your business, The GROW Up is for you.
In Nicole’s signature program you will…
Grow your personal brand
Realign with your purpose
Own your authenticity
Work smarter, not harder!

and grow a sustainable, strengths-led business that feels really fucking good

Within The GROW Up,  you’ll gain access to a private facebook community, unlimited Voxer access and group coaching for 12 weeks, 6 bi-weekly live coaching calls, as well as lifetime access to the module slides and replays.

+ get first dibs on early bird pricing when The GROW Up reopens this fall”

The GROW Up is where strategy meets authentic alignment and potential is exponential.

In this 12 week live group coaching program, we will dive deep into:

The personal 1:1 exposure has launched me far beyond I ever though possible in the social media world. Nicole has helped me grow and has truly helped me increase my income by 3x. I walked in unsure of myself, and after Nicole pouring into me I’m walking out with confidence.”

– Allie Campbell, Social Seller

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